2008 Events

All News and Events in 2008

December 5-11, 2008
The Embassy of Madagascar organized a photo-exhibition event called “Souvenirs of Madagascar” at the Embassy. More than two hundred pictures taken in Madagascar by Japanese travelers, former workers and diplomats were exposed to the public and classified under three categories: People and culture; Plants and animals; and Landscapes and sceneries. The Embassy was honored by the visit paid by HH Prince Akishino and his daughter HH Princess Mako who visited Madagascar in 2007.

November 20, 2008
The Ambassador HE Mr. Jimmy Ramiandrison, presented his credentials to the President of the Republic of Singapore, HE Mr. Sellapan Rama NATHAN.

November 17, 2008
The Ambassador gave a lecture at Waseda University on Madagascar and its Action Plan to students in International study class.

The Ambassador in International study class

November 11, 2008
The Ambassador was invited by Keio University to give a lecture on TICAD IV and the Madagascar Action Plan.

The Ambassador was invited by Keio University

November 4, 2008
The Ambassador, HE Mr. Jimmy Ramiandrison, presented his credentials to the King Bhumibol of Thailand, who was represented by the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Maha Vajiralongkorn at the ceremony.

November 1, 2008
The Embassy of Madagascar organized a cultural event entitled “Madagascar Day” with the Minato International association. The event included a tourism-focused presentation on Madagascar, food tasting, exhibition of Malagasy products and artifacts, and dances performed by Malagasy students in Tokyo.

Madagascar day

October 4 – 5, 2008
The Embassy had a booth at the “Global Festa Japan 2008” which was organized at the Hibiya Park in Tokyo. This event aimed at gaining more public understanding and support for the promotion of cooperation between Japan and developing countries. In addition to displays of information and products, there were seminars on various development topics held during the event period.

Global Festa Japan 2008

October 2, 2008
A Malagasy delegation headed HEM Elise RAZAKA, Minister of Energy and Mining was invited by ICEP (Information Center for Petroleum Exploration and Production) to give a presentation in a seminar on “Madagascar Petroleum Investment”. Technical aspects as well as legal and regulatory framework were discussed during the session.

ICEP (Information Center for Petroleum Exploration and Production)

September 28, 2008
The Embassy and one of its partners, RIEB (Research Institute of Evolutionary Biology), participated in “World Booth” organized at the Kohoku International Lounge, Yokohama. The Foreign Community members of Yokohama-Kohoku City presented their countries by exhibiting products and crafts. Madagascar’s booth displayed various handicrafts and some baobab plants.

World Booth

September 09, 2008
The African Diplomatic Corps in Japan celebrated the Africa Day. A symposium on the global food crisis and a ceremony were organized on this occasion.

Africa day

June 26 & 28, 2008
Independence Day Celebrations at the Embassy. Officials and diplomats attended the June 26 ceremony while the Diaspora and friends joined the celebration party on June 28.

May 31-June 2, 2008
The Malagasy delegation to the Tokyo International Conference on African Development 4th Edition (TICAD IV) was headed by the President of the Republic, HE Mr. Marc Ravalomanana. Fifty three heads of States and Governments discussed the policies for African development.

May 28 – June 1, 2008: African Fair
As a side event to the TICAD IV, the fair was organized to promote stronger economic relations between Japan and Africa. Madagascar had a booth which was divided in 3 areas related to investment, trade and tourism. Madagascar and Gabon were the guests of honor at the opening ceremony where the President of the Republic, HE Mr. Marc Ravalomanana gave an opening speech after Prime Minister Fukuda of Japan and the Gabonese President, HE Mr. Bongo.

May 29, 2008
The Embassy organized a seminar in Yokohama enabling Japanese businesses to discuss with Malagasy officials about business opportunities (investment, trade & tourism) in Madagascar and the government supports to private sector. Japanese institutions such as JBIC and private sector gave testimonies of their respective experience with Madagascar.

May 17 – 18, 2008
The Malagasy Embassy participated in the “African Festa 2008” in Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama, which is an outdoor event sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, co-sponsored by Yokohama City and supported by the African embassies in Japan. The objective was to promote widespread understanding and support for Africa. Visitors were able to enjoy talk shows, live concerts and performances by African artists in addition to the booths where African products and dishes were displayed or sold.

African Festa 2008

May 11, 2008
The Ambassador and his staff were invited by the Kohoku International Lounge in Yokohama to give a presentation on Madagascar to its members. The roomful audience was very interested in Madagascar given the number of questions and the length of the session.

Kohoku International Lounge

April 7, 2008
The Embassy participated in the SADC countries’ exhibition at the JICA building in Yokohama.

SADC countries’ exhibition

April 4-6, 2008
The Embassy of Madagascar participated in the 2nd African Festival held in Yokohama. Malagasy products were displayed at the booth.

2nd African Festival

March 22, 2008
The Embassy participated in the “Fête de la Francophonie”, at the “Institut Franco-Japonais”, Tokyo and presented some Malagasy dishes to the guests.

March 21, 2008
Within the initiative “One Country – One School”, the embassy visited the Zembu School in Yokohama and presented Madagascar to the pupils as to promote understanding of cultural differences and similarities. This initiative aimed at raising awareness among the Japanese public on African development issues ahead of TICAD IV.

Zembu school

March 15, 2008
The Ambassador held a debriefing meeting at the Embassy with the participants from Madagascar at the Japan Foodex Fair. Japanese visitors at the fair were interested in Malagasy food products and the participants are satisfied with their trip to Japan.

Japan Foodex Fair

March 12, 2008
The Ambassador HE Mr. Jimmy Ramiandrison, presented his credentials to his Majesty the Emperor Akihito.