Visiting Madagascar – Nature and Ecotourism


From the arid bush of the South to the rainforest of the East, Madagascar offers a wide range of ecosystems that shelter an extraordinary flora. The vegetation can take unexpected shape such as the umbrella pine euphorb or the pachypodium.

  • Baobabs: Seven of the world’s nine species of Baobab are found only in Madagascar, compared to only one in Africa. Some baobab trees are more than 1000 years old. The Western part of the island is their home and the most famous photographed spot is the Baobab Lane (“Allee des Baobabs”) in Morondava.

  • Orchids: The total of Madagascar’s orchid species (1200 plus) well exceed that of Africa. Rainforests of the Eastern coast shelter most of them including the most beautiful ones such as the White Orchid Angraecum Sesquipedale or the Black Orchid Cymbidiella Humbloti

  • Aloe: There are 38 species of Aloe mostly found in the South and the one of most beautiful plant in Madagascar is the Aloe Vaombe with its clusters of red flowers.

  • Medicinal plants: Madagascar also owns a multitude of medicinal plants whose inventory is not completed.