Iodine donation ceremony at the Chiba prefecture

On October 29th, 2018, H. E Mrs. Mireille Rakotomalala attended the ceremony marking the donation of 850 kg of iodine to the Republic of Madagascar, organized by the government of the Chiba prefecture.


This wonderful gift from the southern part of Japan would go to aid women and children affected by hypothyroidism, intellectual deficiency, hypoplasia amongst other iodine deficiency disorders caused by the low intake of iodine.


The Republic of Madagascar has a population of 26 million and although local production of salt is sufficient for nationwide consumption, the country still experiences a moderate deficiency in the population’s iodine intake. Organizations such as UNICEF have been working relentlessly with the locals and experts in Japan to find out ways to ameliorate the said situation and improve the implementation of the USI (Universal Salt Iodization) program.


In attendance at this ceremony were Honorary Advisor, Mr. Minoru Irie of the Foundation for Growth Science, the Chairman of Keiyo Natural Gas Association, Mr. Takeshi Mori, and the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Japan Iodine Industries Association, Mr. Takashi Fujino and Mr. Yoshio Tachi respectively.


In his opening speech, the Vice Governor of Chiba, Mr. Shinsuke Takigawa thanked everyone for their contribution in efforts to improve the health of the locals. He also added that he believes such collaborations between both countries will be a great way to improve the already existing bonds.


Mr. Fujino during his speech said it was an honor to aid such a valuable cause and the future of the women and children in Madagascar who could be affected by various forms of IDDs (iodine deficiency disorders).


H.E Mrs. Rakotomalala to end this ceremony thanked all the contributors and stated, “ I hope this donation will help strengthen the relations between the prefecture of Chiba and Madagascar.”