Five good reasons to invest in Madagascar

Abundant natural resources

The abundant natural resources available in the country offer great investment opportunities:

  • Gemstones, industrial and decorative stones, oil, and rare metals for mining activities
  • 5,000 km of beaches and exceptionally unique fauna and flora for tourism business
  • Big and fertile land with a favourable climate for any agriculture and farming activities
  • Various agricultural and farming products as raw materials for transformative industries
  • Rivers, wind and sun for renewable energy production

Low cost of local inputs and labour

Establishing a competitive advantage from the low costs of local inputs and labour is possible. Labour-intensive industries such as textile manufacturing have thrived in Madagascar with the Law on Export Processing Zone and the American AGOA provisions. The labour force is young, skilled and fast-learning.

Access to many markets and strategically located

With trade agreements and preferential treatment granted to some developing countries, Madagascar has an advantageous access (quota-free, duty-free) to the American and European markets as well as to other developed countries.

In addition, as a member of the following regional economic communities, Madagascar offers the advantage of being a good location for the ease of exporting goods and services to these markets:

  • SADC (Southern African Development Community),
  • COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa),
  • the Indian Ocean Rim,
  • COI (Communauté de l’Océan Indien)

Finally, strategically located between Asia and Africa and on major maritime routes, Madagascar gives an advantage to international businesses. And with the current extension of the port of Toamasina in the East and the construction of the Ehoala port in the South, Madagascar provides world-class facilities for transportation of goods.

Attractive business environment

The regulatory reforms and public investments in infrastructure since 2002 in the have led to the improvement of the country’s business environment.

  • Significant public and private investments in infrastructure, such as road, ports, airports, telecommunication, and energy reduce the costs of doing business.
  • No restrictions on capital flow in and out of the country, either for debt service or dividend payment
  • No requirement that nationals own shares of foreign companies
  • Rules of law are enforced without discrimination.
  • Intellectual property protection is granted by laws.
  • No Government-imposed conditions on permission to invest, including the location in a specific geographical area, specific percentage of local content, substitution for imports, export requirements or targets, employment of host country nationals, or technology transfer
  • Property rights are protected by laws (guarantee against nationalization, expropriation).
  • Quick and easy procedure for company creation

Peaceful and stable country

Malagasy people are peaceful by nature. Disputes and conflicts are resolved through means of amicable settlements and by rules of laws.