Madagascar Tea Party

Mrs Ayumi IGUCHI, the founder of Miaraka Co. Ltd, lived and worked for many years in Madagascar to the point it became her adoptive country. In 2016, after coming back to Japan, she decided to set up a company to import raphia-made products (farinefera, endemic to Madagascar) and collaborate with Malagasy entrepreneur women while supporting them through their crochet workers in order to showcase this high-quality material.

The exhibition took place from May 24th to 28th at the Tsubaki Gallery in Bosco del Fiore in Tokyo, a green and quiet place focusing on cultural and cosmopolitan activities. The main theme of this exhibition was to showcase a quality “Vita Malagasy”, made possible thanks to Malagasy women but also present Madagascar to the Japanese audience while strengthening the ties between Madagascar and Japan.

On this occasion, the Madagascar Ambassador to Japan, Mireille M.Rakotomalala did a presentation about the Malagasy history, traditions and culture.