SADC reading series at the TUFS

TUFS welcomes H.E.Mrs Mireille M. Rakotomalala for a special presentation on Madagascar

On December 5th, 2018, H.E Mrs. Rakotomalala visited the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) located in Tama as part of the initiative by the SADC ambassadors posted in Tokyo.

H.E.Mrs Rakotomalala was warmly welcomed by the staff and professors as well as the president of the university, Mr. Hirotaka Tateishi, who expressed his gratitude for her visit to the school to talk in person with the students about Madagascar. He also mentioned the university’s growing interest in the African continent and the opening of a new extension of the university.

This new extension known as the School of Japan Studies to be opened in April of next year would focus on teaching the culture, language and history of Japan. He extended an invitation to all Malagasy students interested in Japanese studies to enroll.

The Ambassador thanked the president for the opportunity to give a talk and reiterated the importance of such exchanges being key in the relations between Japan and Madagascar. She also added that more than just the diplomatic aspect of the existing bilateral relations, building and maintaining an economic relationship is vital. The country’s trade with Japan as of last year stood at a whopping 17.0 billion JPY in exports of goods such as nickel, cobalt, spices amongst others and 1.4 billion JPY in imports of goods such automobiles, tires and medical supplies.

During her presentation to the students, H.E Mrs. Rakotomalala answered several questions on agriculture, politics, history and culture from the students who were all very keen to learn more about Madagascar.
Lastly, H.E Mrs. Rakotomalala was able to meet and talk with Dr. Shinichi Takeuchi, Director of the African Studies Center of the university who shared the same view that such occasions are the reminder that the lengthy relations that exist between both countries is growing from strength to strength.