Adventure and wilderness

Madagascar and its rich biodiversity can be explored in different ways and a wide range of activities are available for the adventure-seekers.


National Parks offer large hiking possibilities for amateurs or experienced hikers. It is the best way to discover the exceptional fauna and flora within parks. Night walks are recommended to discover the nocturnal species.

Mountain climbing

The massif of Tsaranoro in Andringitra is the most sought-after climbing spot in the southern hemisphere with a wide range of cliffs and exceptional granite quality. Another hot spot is the Mountain of French in the North, the top of which contains the vestiges of military camps and caves.

Canyon visiting

The Amber Mountain offers the first operational canyon and is ideal for initiation. Isalo offers a variety of sites with different degrees of difficulty. Otherwise, most spots are more difficult to access requiring long hours of walking.

Speleological activities

The Ankarana massif, now a National Park, is one of the most famous spots with a large network of caves, underground rivers and canyons. On the surface, erosion has carved the limestone into ‘Tsingy’, though it is less spectacular than the Tsingy of Bemaraha. At Andranoboka (north of Mahajanga), the underground network stretches over more than 2 km with 15 m vaults and 2 m diameter pillars. Less known, the small chain of Ibity (south of Antsirabe) has also an underground full of promises where erosion has sculpted for 60 million years abysses and holes.

Cruising down the rivers

one fun way to discover the luxuriant vegetation, the local fauna and flora, the numerous waterfalls or caves, people’s daily life and diversity of Madagascar landscapes is to travel along its rivers. The most famous ones are Tsiribihina, Manambolo, and Pangalanes.

  • Tsiribihina river: from the central highlands (Antsirabe), the Tsiribihina takes you to the immense spaces of the West
  • Manambolo: only by canoe, the descent of the Manambolo River takes you from the Highlands to the West via Bekopaka, one of the entrances to the Tsingy of Bemaraha.
  • Pangalanes channel: built along the East coast and linking lagoons and lakes, each with a history, the descent of channel allows you to discover remote villages and its people and the luxuriant vegetation of the East.