Beach, sea and sun

With 500km of coastlines, Madagascar has numerous bays, creeks, lagoons and beaches for beach activities. There are also numerous activities available such as fishing, diving, sailing and whale watching which has growing adepts.

Whale watching

The Indian Ocean has become a sanctuary for whales since 1979. Humpback whales coming from Antarctica arrive near the coasts of Madagascar to breed their offspring. Whales may be watched in the waters of Nosy Be, in the South West (Ifaty or Morondava) but the two major spots are on the East coast: Bay of Antongil and Sainte Marie. The whale watching period extends from June to September.

Bay of Antongil

It is the most important spawning area for whales. The Wildlife Conservation Society closely work with local operators to optimize opportunities while preserving whales

Sainte Marie

Whale watching is well organized here with local operators and the Megaptera association offering scientific supervision of whale watching cruises. A Whale Festival is organized every year.


Madagascar seabeds offer exceptional beauties for beginners or experienced divers. In the most famous diving resorts, barriers of coral reefs form natural aquariums with exceptional sea life. Discover the clown-fishes, butterflies, unicorns, napoleons, surgeons, manta rays and the inoffensive whale-sharks.
The diving resorts are located mainly in 3 areas:

South West

One of the biggest coral barriers in the world is located here. Ifaty, Nosy Ve, Anakao, Belo Sur Mer and Andavadoaka are the top spots.

Nosy Be

the island of Nosy Be and the surroundings islets (Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Iranja, Mitsio islands, Radama Islands….) offers a large variety of marine fauna. Encounters with tortoises, rays, dolphins or whales are frequent. You will see an infinity of multi colored fish with exotic names, colorful corals and shellfish

Sainte Marie:

the island and its surrounding islets offer many spots for exploring the seabed: the Ile aux Nattes with its emerald lagoon or the Ilot aux sables, a set of coral islets with natural aquariums.


Mostly concentrated in the North East where the weather is favorable throughout the year (except February and March). Professional and experienced operators can accommodate groups of 2 to 8 people for cruises on boats or catamarans. Tours may include sailing to the neighboring islets (Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Iranja, Mitsio islands, Radama Islands …) or discovering some forgotten place.

Sportive fishing

Nosy Be and its surroundings are the hot spot for modern sportive fishing. One can practice bottom line, dragnet rod and reel fishing lancer. Among the most interesting catch are the yellow tuna, the barracuda, sea bream and swordfish

Vacationing near white sand beaches

The most famous and visited sites are the islands of Nosy Be and Sainte Marie but there are famous spots near major cities such as Ifaty (Tulear), Ramena (Diego), Libanona (Fort Dauphin), Foulpointe (Tamatave)