Classified sites and monuments

Madagascar counts 146 classified sites and monuments, only 27 of them have been restored to date. Some of them are now included in the World Heritage such as the Royal Hills of Ambohimanga, the Tsingy of Bemaraha or the cliffs and caves of Isandra. The most visited places are:

Royal Hills of Ambohimanga

It was classified as World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2001 and consists of a royal city and burial site, and an ensemble of sacred places which represent a significant symbol of the cultural identity of the people of Madagascar.

The Rova of Manjakamiadana (Queen’s palace) in Antananarivo

Currently under renovation after the 1996 fire. The artefacts saved from the Queen’s Palace can be viewed at the Prime Minister Palace, now a museum, located just 500 meters away.

The vestiges of Jean Laborde in Mantasoa:

a former pirate who became the Queen’s favourite, Jean Laborde built a royal foundry in Mantasoa and one can visit his tomb.