Visit of Dr. YUASA Hiroshi for a big project for Madagascar

Dr. YUASA, born in 1940 in Kobe, Japan, is the President and Director of the Research Institute of Evolutive Biology (RIEB), President of the Society of Biosophia Studies, Professor of the Greenery School of Kamakura, Professor of the NHK Cultural Centre, Researcher at the Selective Plant Culture Institute and Biotherapy Professor at the Agricultural University of Tokyo.

He wrote many books including “Heretic travel notebook of the flora of Madagascar”, “Baobab, mother of the forests in danger”, “Mysterious plants of the world”, etc.

Dr YUASA is fascinated by the endemic fauna and flora of Madagascar which was at the heart of Gondwana 200 million years. He made frequent trips to the Great Island for his researches since 1973. He also does comparative research on the subject between Australia, East Africa and Madagascar.