Top Hotels In Macau China | Must Do Travels

Top Hotels In Macau China | Must Do Travels

Top Hotels In Macau China | Must Do Travels

Macau is like Las Vegas and Dubai had a baby, and oh is it wonderful. What was once a Portuguese colony on the Chinese mainland, has since been returned to China and operates as a semi-autonomous government, much like Hong Kong. Here you will find some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, as well as some of the largest casinos in the entire world.

You don’t have to like to gamble to spend some time in Macau, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to keep things interesting. Some of the resorts on our list offer among the highest level of amenities you can find, and they are all a great place to get away and treat yourself to a taste of the good life. These are our picks for the Top 5 Hotels in Macau:


To kick off our list at number 5 is The Parisian Macao which boasts a ½ sized reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower. Having only been open for a couple years now, this has recently become one of the top hotels that tourists look forward to staying at. Even if you don’t book your stay here, and opt instead for one of the other hotels on our Top 5 list, you can still wander around this property and take in the sights and sounds that almost transport you right onto the streets of France.

This hotel features 3,000 guest rooms, and cost more than $2.5 Billion to build. Inside you can find more than 150 retail shops, a convention space, and even a performing arts theater than can seat over 1,200 people.


Coming in at #4 on our list is the Venetian Macao Resort. This version of the Venetian is themed just like its Las Vegas counterpart, but on a MUCH larger scale. The 39-story hotel has a total square footage of more than 10 and a half million square feet inside, making it one of the largest buildings on Earth. There is even a sports arena on site than can seat more than 15,000 fans for popular concerts and sporting events.

On-site you will find 3,000 guest rooms, as well as luxurious private suites among the top floors, and they even have their own private Cirque du Soliel show called Zaia. Inside you will also find a reconstruction of the canals of Venice Italy where you can hire a Gondola to ride around in style and sightsee. This makes the resort one of the most popular places in all of Macao for tourists to get in their photo ops.


Right in the middle at number 3 is the MGM Cotai. This modern and luxurious property cost about $3.5 Billion to build, and it reflects that level quality in its facilities and amenities. You can walk through the many art collections housed inside the MGM Cotai, as well as book reservations to see a couple of the unique performances that they have on permanent residence in their theaters.

Although this hotel may have costed considerably more than the other hotels we have mentioned so far on our list, it is significantly smaller in size having barely more than 1,500 guest rooms in total. That makes it about half the size of the Parisian and the Venetian. Unlike some of the other properties you may find in Macao that cater to a more traditional Asian audience, the MGM Cotai was specifically designed to appeal to travelers from all around the globe.


Coming in at a well-deserved 2nd place is the Wynn Palace. Steve Wynn practically kicked started the modern Macao experience when he opened his first Wynn hotel here back in 2006. Since then the resort developer has created additional properties to keep up with the ever-growing demand for luxury accommodations on the Cotai Strip. Even though the Wynn name was already synonymous with “luxury”, the Wynn Palace takes that expectation to a whole other level in Macao. This 1,700 room property cost almost $4.5 Billion to build, making it the most expensive hotel on our list. If you want to see a hotel that is decorated to the gills, you’ve got to check this one out.

After working our way through the other hotels on this top 5 list, it might be hard to imagine anything getting more extravagant than what we have seen already, but there’s more. Topping off the list and earning the #1 spot is the Galaxy Macau. The Galaxy is a site to behold, and has many intriguing works of art on display, as well as relaxing pools and waterpark too. This hotel has continued to grow in size since it was originally constructed, and the Galaxy continues to increase its earnings in recent years.

Some of the restaurants inside the Galaxy Macau are rated among the best in the world. In a city that has recently become quite well known for its extravagance, it is getting ever increasingly difficult to outdo the last hotel.