What’s It Like Being a Jamaican Living in Macau?

What’s It Like Being a Jamaican Living in Macau?

What’s It Like Being a Jamaican Living in Macau?

In this episode of “Jamaicans to the World”, Jamaicans.com founder Xavier Murphy speaks with Ronald McFarlane. He is a Jamaican living in Macau. We discuss the food, culture, customs, the people, things to do, the language, music and adjusting to living in Macau as an expat. Xavier asks what are the must eat foods and must visit places in Macau. #WeJaminate #Macau

00:22 – What part of Jamaica are you from?
00:50 – How did you end up in Macau?
01:42 – Do you have a family connection to Macau?
03:37 – Where is Macau?
04:54 – What are the people like in Macau?
05:39 – Do you speak the language?
06:48 – What is it like being Black in Macau?
09:02 – How do people react when they find out you are Jamaican?
10:13 – What is the food like?
13:43 – What attractions do you recommend visiting?
16:18 – Are there any interesting customs?
18:52 – How is your daughter navigating living in Macau?
21:14 – What is the music like?
22:36 – How often do you go to mainland China?
23:52 – How long does it take to travel around the island?
24:33 – What is the cost of living like?
26:31 – What activities do you enjoy?
28:22 – What is the first thing you are doing when you land in Jamaica?
30:25 – How do you say goodbye in Macau?




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