Territories of the World Song

Territories of the World Song

Territories of the World Song

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CORRECTION: According to recent discovery , I regrettably excluded two Territories – Curacao and Sint Maarten, and should have excluded Netherland Antilles. My apologies for the errors.

Here’s something a little different…the islands and dependencies of countries scattered all over the planet! The Asian, Americas, European and African countries are done, and I felt this group of 57 needed some attention, too. I had a great time putting the song together, though there may be some similar sounds to the Americas song. I may have overloaded the slides with info, but this is a learning experience after all! I hope you enjoy it!

Music and production by Dennis Nowicki


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Well, there are many islands out there that aren’t countries, per se
But dependent territories of countries, as they say
Like, Australia handles Ashmore and Cartier islands
The Christmas and Cocos isles, but that’s not where it ends
The Coral Sea, Heard and McDonald Islands, they run
Last is Norfolk Island, near New Zealand. Australia’s done

Next, China controls Hong Kong and Macau near them, and
Denmark has the Faroes and the big one, Greenland
France, there’s French Guiana and Polynesia, they got
Guadeloupe, Martinique and Mayotte
New Caledonia, San Pierre e Miquelon (mais oui!)
Finally, Reunion and Wallis and Futuna, they ‘own’

Now, The Netherlands’ has Aruba and their Antilles
New Zealand’s Cooks, Niue, and Tokelau (nice breeze)
Norway’s got Bouvet Island and Jan Mayen
Svalbard and Peter Islands are theirs, oh, and then
The UK has a bunch of them, we’ll start with Guernsey
Anguilla, Bermuda, the Caymans and there’s Jersey

British Virgin Islands and the Falklands, for sure
Isle of Man, Montserrat, and Gibraltar
Pitcairns, British Indian Ocean Territories
Turks and Caicos, Saint Helena and dependencies
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands are last
Now the US territories, hope to get through them fast

The islands of Palmyra, Midway, Baker and Howland,
American Samoa, Wake, and Jarvis Island
Northern Marianas, Guam and Puerto Rico
Kingman Reef, Johnston Atoll, the Virgin Islands, also
The island of Navassa is the last one, it says
If you visit, bring SPF 50 and sunglasses!