Iron Clays Poker Chips and Plaid Deck Review – Poker Gift Guide

Iron Clays Poker Chips and Plaid Deck Review – Poker Gift Guide

Iron Clays Poker Chips and Plaid Deck Review – Poker Gift Guide

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In this episode we take a look at a luxury set of poker chips, take a retrospective look at a classic Dan & Dave deck, and announce the winner of the Tally-Ho 3-deck mega giveaway!

The Iron Clays Luxury Game Counters manufactured by the Roxley Game corporation. Within this attractive box is a set of 100 chips in differing denominations. The box is beautifully designed with a victorian era aesthetic. The box is a dark gray bordering on bronze color and is embellished with gold metallic inked ornamentation and eggshell lettering. The type is embossed in several places. The era-appropriate copy on the top of the box announces that the contents to be 10 gram, iron-cored ‘thumpers’ imported and warranted by the Roxley Company. The side panels of the box include some additional marketing copy and branding. The front and back include the product name in large embossed type. It also states that the game counters are warranted for the duration of ownership or until death. The bottom of the box features a peek at the contents via additional marketing copy and some pictures of the included chips. They include, White, Celeste, Maroon, Navy and Gold chips in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, and 100 respectively.

The number 1 AKA Arizona Red and number 2 AKA California Blue Plaid decks are from Dan and Dave. Available in two distinct plaid patterns, the decks come in matching tuck cases. The tuck case belonging to the Arizona Red deck is gambler’s green and the one for the California Blue deck is in beige. The green no. 1 deck features a red, white and green plaid pattern and the number 2 beige deck includes a blue, brown and beige plaid pattern.

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